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  • Anti-viruas 75% Ethanol Disinfectant Instructions

    75% Ethanol Disinfectant InstructionsProduct Name: 75% Ethanol DisinfectantCas Number:64-17-5Formula:CH3CH2OHMolar Mass:46.07EC Number:200-578-6Composition and content: Colorless transparent liquid. This product is a disinfectant with ethanol as the main active ingredient. The effective content of

  • How Many Elements Can Be Found Naturally?

    How Many Elements Can Be Found Naturally? by Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D.Updated September 02, 2019There are 118 elements currently on the periodic table. Several elements have only been found in laboratories and nuclear accelerators. So, you may wonder how many elements can be found naturally.

  • Ion Pair Reagents (for HPLC)

    Ion Pair Reagents (for HPLC)Ion-exchange chromatography systems have previously been utilized in HPLC analysis of ionic samples. Reversed phase partition chromatography using ion-pair reagents has been developed and utilized. The ionic samples form an ion-pair with ion-pair reagents in the mobile ph

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