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  • In the early years, the company was a solvent supplier to the semiconductor industry. Later, radio and other products were eliminated in the 1990s. The company is looking for new opportunities for development, seeing the huge development prospects of the laboratory and pharmaceutical industry, and choosing the chemical reagent industry.
    With the increasing attention of the state to the environmental protection and safety of chemical companies and the implementation of various regulatory measures. Since 2006, the company has continuously carried out infrastructure renovation to meet the needs of environmentally safe production.
    Product development From the single AR CP universal reagents, to the development of biochemical, life sciences, drug development, pharmaceutical, electronic chemicals custom chemicals.
    Broaden product lines, channel lines, and efficient sales teams, making Yonghua a synonym for chemical reagents

  • Core value:
    Safety, quality, service
    Business philosophy:
    Quality service, scientific innovation
    Enterprise spirit:
    Respect, responsibility, communication, understanding

    Our efforts to succeed are our wealth life, and our efforts to fail are the wealth of our lives.
Fine chemical supplier
Fine chemical supplier
Fine chemical supplier




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