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Chemical application on hot pot

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Chemical application on hot pot

Solid alcohol, because of its convenient use, transportation and carrying, has less pollution to the environment during combustion and is safer than liquid alcohol. As a solid fuel, it is widely used in catering, tourism and field operations. Solid alcohol cannot be prepared because stearic acid cannot be completely dissolved at very low temperature. Stearic acid can be dissolved at 30 ℃, but it takes a long time. And the solid alcohol is formed immediately after the two liquids are mixed, because the curing speed is too fast, resulting in the poor uniformity of the product. With the increase of temperature, the uniformity of cured products is getting better and better. At 60 ℃, the solid does not occur immediately after the mixing of the two liquids. Therefore, the solution can be mixed very evenly. After mixing, the alcohol is solidified continuously in the process of natural cooling, and finally uniform solid alcohol can be obtained. The solid alcohol can be kept in solid state when burned. This greatly improves the safety of solid alcohol and reduces the cost. In some cases, plastic bag packaging can be used instead of iron bucket or plastic bucket packaging. Especially when working in the field or traveling, solid alcohol can be burned directly on iron plates or bricks without having to hold them in iron buckets, which is especially convenient to use. When the amount of stearic acid increases, solid alcohol burns to form a non-flammable dura mater that prevents alcohol from flowing and retains solid form of alcohol.

Solid ethanol hot pot

And the latest alcohol hot pot has become popular. In real life, hot pot is a popular food, alcohol hot pot is a new diet improved by traditional hot pot, which can not only save time, but also be more hygienic and convenient, easy-going. The general hot pot is made of carbon fire, or coal fire to carry out stew hot pot, and alcohol hot pot is to cook hot pot with alcohol fire, which is more hygienic and convenient. Solid alcohol is also a more common kind, which can appear open fire after ignition.

The following is the method of making solid alcohol

Acetic acid was slowly added to the calcium carbonate until no bubbles formed. Acetic acid reacts with calcium carbonate to form calcium acetate, water and carbon dioxide.

2) The solution is evaporated to a saturated solution;

3) Slowly add alcohol. Note: Alcohol will boil vigorously at the beginning. Slowly pour in alcohol.

4) The solid obtained was cooled alcoholic solution;

The solid alcohol is poured into cans and ignite when in use.





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