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Chemical energy

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Chemical energy

Chemical energy is energy stored in the bonds of chemical compounds, like atoms and molecules. This energy is released when a chemical reaction takes place.

Usually, once chemical energy has been released from a substance, that substance is transformed into a completely new substance.

What is chemical energy?

Chemical energy is stored in the bonds that connect atoms with other atoms and molecules with other molecules. Because chemical energy is stored, it is a form of potential energy.

When a chemical reaction takes place, the stored chemical energy is released.

Heat is often produced as a by-product of a chemical reaction – this is called an exothermic reaction.0ee1187aba5e83b6ffa9ed8f8a0dde54_9k=

How is chemical energy used?

Chemical energy is the most widely used type of energy in the world, as it is crucial to the existence of humans and the natural world.

Here are some examples of chemical energy in action:

Chemical energy in wood

Dry wood contains stored chemical energy. When you burn that wood in a fireplace, chemical energy is released and converted into thermal energy (heat) and light energy.

And what about the wood? Following the chemical reaction, it's now turned into a new substance – ash.

Chemical energy in food

The food we eat contains stored chemical energy. As the bonds between the atoms in food loosen or break, a chemical reaction takes place, and new compounds are created.

The energy produced from this reaction keeps us warm, helps us move, and allows us to grow. Different foods store different amounts of energy.





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