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Does potassium hydroxide in facial cleanser cause damage to the skin?

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Does potassium hydroxide in facial cleanser cause damage to the skin?

Whether it is a boy or a girl, the facial cleanser is basically used every morning and evening when washing your face, because the face will be contaminated by various radiation and dust during the day. This kind of cleansing product can remove the dirt on the skin and make the skin. It is very important to be refreshed and help to maintain a normal physiological state. So, is potassium hydroxide in the facial cleanser harmful to the skin?

Potassium hydroxide

Potassium hydroxide in facial cleanser does not cause damage to the skin. Since potassium hydroxide is mixed with fats and oils, it is not potassium hydroxide. It promotes the hydrolysis of oils and neutralizes them with the acid after hydrolysis.

Alkali is necessary for the preparation of cleaning products. Potassium hydroxide is generally used in the manufacture of liquid soaps, and sodium hydroxide is used in the solid soaps, which are alkalis. The base reacts with the oil to form soap and glycerin. The main component of the mature soap is "higher fatty acid salt", which is a surfactant with a lipophilic end and a hydrophilic end. The oleophilic end combines with the peroxidized oil and dirt in the skin. When the water is flushed, the hydrophilic end combines with the water to remove the dirt, thus playing a role in cleaning. This is the principle of cleaning solid soaps or liquid soaps.

It can be seen that there is no potassium hydroxide in the facial cleanser. Because this compound can neutralize the oil and lose its original corrosiveness, and it can easily absorb the moisture in the air and deliquesce. So it will not cause harm to the skin. This is also an important reason why it can be applied to a variety of everyday items.





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