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Dominant structure in drugs - containing N-saturated heterocyclic compounds

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Dominant structure in drugs - containing N-saturated heterocyclic compounds  

 N heterocyclic compounds are one of the most important structural units in drug molecules, and in order to better clarify the efficacy of each structure containing N-rings in the drug, Edon Vitaku and others have conducted a detailed analysis of the 1086 unique small molecule drug structures approved by the FDA in the United States for the treatment of 12 diseases. The results showed that 59% of the drugs contained N heterocyclic compounds, far exceeding the S-containing ring compounds (26%) and Cl-ring compounds (13%), with an average number of N-atoms per drug being 2.3 N, with the highest frequency of the appearance of saturated hexaphoniums such as niobium and cetane.

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