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Fighting the COVID-19, we are in action

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Fighting the COVID-19, we are in action

At present, the epidemic situation of novel coronavirus disease infection is fierce, and prevention and control are in a critical period. Yonghua Chemical Co., Ltd. responded quickly and provided 75% ethanol disinfectant free of charge for workers in the bayonet of Zhitang Town and villages (communities) to fight the epidemic, and worked together to win the battle against pneumonia.

In order to meet the current demand for disinfection products from public health and epidemic prevention departments, the company has now called for workers to return to work in advance to produce 75% ethanol disinfectant solution three shifts a day, and in strict accordance with the requirements of Changshu government departments and health committees special measures for epidemic prevention work to ensure smooth production and operation.

Strictly implement the doorman management system, and strengthen the body temperature inspection of the personnel entering and leaving the factory.

Strengthen daily disinfection to ensure the safety of the company's production and living areas. Formulate daily disinfection regulations and strictly implement various disinfection measures.

Earnestly implement the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and adjust the duty arrangements. During the holidays, the staff on duty will implement the company's various epidemic prevention and control tasks.

The 75% ethanol disinfectant produced by the company is given priority to Changshu, Suzhou, Shanghai's major hospitals, health and health commissions, public security bureaus, customs and other public health and epidemic prevention departments, effectively fulfilling corporate social responsibility, and seriously completing the production of disinfection products during the epidemic.





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