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GHS hazard statement

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GHS hazard statement

The hazard statement is part of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). They are designed to form a standardized set of phrases about the hazards of chemicals and mixtures that can be translated into different languages. Therefore, they have the same purpose as well-known R-phrases and are intended to replace R-phrases.


The hazard statement is one of the key elements of the container label under the GHS, as well as:

• Product identification

• One or more hazard pictograms (if necessary)

• Prompt words - danger or warning - if necessary

• Precautionary statements explaining how products should be handled to minimize the risk to users (and others and the general environment)

• The identity of the supplier (may be the manufacturer or importer)

Each hazard statement specifies a code that begins with the letter H followed by three digits. The statements corresponding to the relevant hazards are grouped together by code number, so the numbers are not contiguous. This code is used for reference purposes, such as to help with translation, but the actual phrase should appear on the label and the safety data sheet.





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