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Our company holds sales meeting in the first half of 2019

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Our company holds sales meeting in the first half of 2019

In the first half of 2019, Changshu Yonghua Technology Co., Ltd. held a working meeting at the Shanghu Phoenix Culture and Art Center. Dai Xueming, general manager and deputy general manager of Gu Xuefeng, and vice president of sales, sales staff and leaders of some factories attended the meeting.

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The purpose of this meeting is to implement the company's strategic development plan, study the market situation, display the company's products, analyze the company's operation situation, and arrange the company's key work. Meeting first by the sales representatives, regional manager sums up the degree of the first half of the sales situation, sharing their difficulties and problems encountered in the sales work, in the first half of the market environment is not optimistic, sales staff of the mistakes and shortcomings in the sales self-assessment, analysis summary, sharing case, put forward opinions and to be deployed in the second half of the work.

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In the meeting, The sales staff pays close attention to the company's products, market demand and sales targets according to the sales situation, achieves detailed reports and discussions, and proposes 9 requirements based on current problems:1. Set strategy, set method, don't blindly look for customers; 2. Move your brain, your legs, your mouth. 3.Focus on the cultivation of key markets, customers and varieties; 4. Research the market, view channels, view terminals, and examine yourself;  5. Produce monthly customer statistics, market analysis, and task breakdown tables; 6. Bring the channel customers into Yonghua, bring the terminal customers into Yonghua, and bring the project variety into Yonghua; 7, do a good historical customer account, inventory account, back to the account; 8. Supplementing varieties, adding blanks, and supplementing channels; 9, to actively sell, promote sales, joint sales.

This content is pragmatic and detailed, both thinking and specific measures, both clear goals and firm confidence, showing the company's sales team a good mental outlook.





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