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Reference in life ——What are the ingredients of the eye and lip makeup remover, will it cause damage to the skin?

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Reference in life ——What are the ingredients of the eye and lip makeup remover, will it cause damage to the skin?

Contemporary urban white-collar workers almost all need exquisite makeup to set off professional temperament. You may think that this is hypocritical and over-retouched; but workplace communication really needs to be treated in a competent and confident state, especially for itself. Self-confidence, for colleagues and opponents, it represents basic social etiquette. When we leave the social scene, we should remove these make-ups as soon as possible to let our skin breathe.

 So, do you know what ingredients are used in the eye and lip makeup remover formula, does it cause damage to the skin?


Generally, the whole face remover is a cleansing oil, which has a strong dissolving ability. However, the combination of all the oily ingredients and the cleansing ingredients makes it easy to dissolve the sebum film while removing the makeup, which causes damage to the skin for a long time. Water is the mildest, oil is the strongest cleansing power, but the eyes and lips are very sensitive and the skin is very delicate. It is not suitable for deep cleansing products such as cleansing oil. It is directly used on these two parts to stimulate the skin; it is not suitable for direct If you use a light makeup remover such as makeup remover to rub repeatedly, you will need eye and lip makeup remover.

According to the principle of "water-soluble water, oil-soluble oil", if you use makeup remover to remove eye and lip makeup, oil-soluble dirt can be completely removed, but water-soluble dirt will remain; similarly, if When using makeup remover to remove eye and lip make-up, water-soluble dirt can be quickly removed, but oil-soluble dirt will remain. Therefore, the eye and lip makeup remover is made into a semi-aqueous and semi-oil state. Shake a few times before, let the water and oil temporarily fuse together, the normal saline moisturizes the skin, the oily ingredients remove the make-up, the parts of the eye lip that are often used for make-up, and the skin that is easily allergic is ideal.

Eye and lip makeup remover

Water and Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane. The Cyclops-methodicalness is based on polydimethylsiloxane, and is mainly used as an organic solvent to dissolve oily substances in cosmetics. In addition to use, polydimethylsiloxane is used to disperse methyl silicone oil. It can also be used as a solution, lipid, and emulsion type. It and the derivatives are high-quality raw materials for cosmetics, have good skin care functions, and are synthetic oils in cosmetic raw materials. This product is harmless and non-irritating to skin and mucous membranes, but it is generally irritating to the eyes and is generally safe.





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