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The history of chemicals used in water treatment

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The history of chemicals used in water treatment

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standard after the reform and opening up, the improvement of economic conditions, the frequent occurrence of pollution events in water sources and the promotion of people's awareness of safe and healthy drinking water, People are beginning to seek new ways of drinking water that are safer, healthier, more economical and more convenient. In this background, the water purifier was born, and the water purifier became the focus of the consumer's attention as soon as it was launched. 

treatment Chemicals

The most important thing about the water purifier is water treatment technology, which also known as water quality stabilization technology in the early and middle stages of development, the addition of water treatment chemicals is generally simple inorganic compounds, such as lime, carbon dioxide, sulfuric acid, chlorine, phosphate, etc. Tannins, starch, lignin and so on are all organic water treatment chemicals that have been used for a long time. Since 1960 s, new organic corrosion inhibitors, organic scale inhibitors and organic fungicides have emerged. General development trend: inorganic compounds are gradually replaced by organic compounds; inorganic and organic water treatment chemicals are used in combination; natural organic compounds synthetic surfactants are also gradually applied to water treatment technology as bactericidal algae, sludge stripping and so on.

Worldwide sales of water treatment agents were $2.837 billion in 1992 (excluding activated carbon, ion-exchange resins, combustion additives and general inorganic condensed agents), including $1.479 billion in the United States and $483 million in Western Europe. Japan is 575 million dollars. According to statistics, there are more than 500 companies engaged in the production and service of water treatment agents in the United States, which are mainly technical services. The water treatment market in Western Europe is mainly controlled by American companies, and there are only a small number of water treatment companies in Western Europe. Organic polymer flocculants in Western Europe, especially polyacrylamide products, have certain advantages, coupled with the production energy of powder products in the United States. Powerless, most of its markets are occupied by Western European companies, and several Western European companies have also taken parts of Han Xian and the Middle East from Japanese manufacturers. Japan also has a large number of companies engaged in water treatment agent production and technical services, including more than 20 companies related to cooling water treatment agent manufacturing and technical services.

China's water treatment technology began in the 1950s, when chemical technology was introduced from the former Soviet Union, inorganic phosphate was used as water treatment agent at the same time, and water treatment technology began to be introduced at the same time in the introduction of large chemical fertilizer plants in the 1970s. In the early 1980s, phosphate water treatment technology was introduced from Nalco Company of the United States and T ü 225 alkali water treatment formula was introduced from Japanese chestnut field company in the early 1980s. The main purpose of this paper is to introduce the technology of American Bez Company, and to introduce phosphate water treatment technology from American Bates Company in the early 1980s. On this basis, the domestic water treatment technology and water treatment agent have been developed in our country. The sewage treatment technology began with the primary treatment in the 1960s, but now most of them use secondary treatment, flocculant and coagulant from 50%. Production began in 2000, but was only used in industrial production in 1960 s, and many new drugs were developed in 1980 s. The production of organic flocculant in China is mainly polyacrylamide series products, the varieties are mainly Nonionic and anionic products, but the cationic products are very few. By the year 2000, all kinds of water treatment agents, in addition to the breakthrough in the preparation technology of individual varieties, the varieties that have been produced and applied are still dominant. The average annual growth rate of all kinds of varieties will be about 5%~6%.





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