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What is the difference between baking soda and soda ash?

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Introduces the difference between soda and soda ash

We know that many daily necessities are made without chemical raw materials, such as soap, detergent, toilet cleaning, washing powder, and some substances in the production of food can also play a greater role, such as baking soda and soda, in many noodles, pastry production plays a key role. The following is a small compilation to introduce the differences between the two.

difference between soda and soda ash

1, molecular type different

The chemical name for soda is called sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) and the chemical name for soda is sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3).

2, alkaline different

The soda water is weakly alkaline. In hot water around 50 degrees can be decomposed and melted. Alkaline water is alkaline. It is soluble in water.

3, thermal stability is different

The thermal stability of eating soda is stronger than that of soda.

When baking soda is heated, it breaks down to produce sodium carbonate, water, and carbon dioxide. Eating soda heating does not break down.

Tablet base

4. Different performance in the use of meat

Eating pure alkali can promote the softening of meat, the disadvantage is that there is an unpleasant alkali taste. Pure alkali can bubble soft dry goods, baking soda can destroy the structure of meat fiber, so that the meat soft expansion, fresh and smooth.

5, the appearance of different

Small soda is a small white crystal. The soda is a white powder.

Baking soda

6, in the production of pasta performance is different

Eating soda is more irritating, and it is often used to steam steam steam edgy in the kitchen. The role of baking soda is relatively mild, the appropriate use of non-irritating, can make the food fluffy porous taste better.

7. The difference between the performance of eating soda and su in daily life

Edible soda can not be directly imported, the body has a certain irritation. Soda in our daily life if the stomach is not comfortable, can be eaten directly, has a certain effect. Baking soda can make dishes cook faster when making them.

The above is the difference between baking soda and soda in detail, because their appearance is white, so in the production of food must pay attention to distinguish, can not use the wrong, otherwise the effect will be greatly discounted. In addition, also note that eating soda with more is not good for the body, must be appropriate.





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