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What is the difference between chemical reagents and fine chemicals?

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What is the difference between chemical reagents and fine chemicals?    

Chemical reagents fall within the range of fine chemicals (refined pharmaceuticals). Fine chemicals refer to chemical products with high processing precision, high technical production, high purity and low batch production, such as reagents, medicine, spices, synthetic dyes, etc. But this statement is more general. With the development of fine chemical industry, people need a more specific and clear definition.

difference between chemical reagents and fine chemicals

Fine chemicals are chemical products with the following characteristics:

(1) Many varieties, update fast replacement. (2) The output is small, mostly produced in batches.

(3) has a certain degree of functionality. Functionality refers to the molecules of chemicals through physical, chemical and biological effects to produce certain functions or effects. For example, UV absorbers, photosensitive materials, plasticizers and other additives are fine chemicals that are functional in physical action, and antioxidants, fuel additives, etc., are fine chemicals that are chemically active or energyable.

(4) Mostly mixed products, formula and other technologies to determine product performance, and the name of the goods for sale.

(5) High technology intensity, requires continuous research on the development of new product technology and application technology.

(6) The scale of equipment investment is small, the additional output value is high.

Chemical reagents are referred to as reagents. It is a class of fine chemicals with a variety of standard purity, used in teaching, scientific research, analytical testing, and can be used as pure and special functional materials and raw materials for some emerging industries.

The industry that produces fine chemicals is commonly known as the fine chemical industry. The fine chemical industry is developed on the basis of the chemical reagent industry. Therefore, well-known domestic and foreign reagent companies (plants) usually run other fine chemicals, and its output value often exceeds the output value of chemical reagents. Reagent sethes published by reagentmanufacturers are often often fine chemicals.





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