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What to pay attention to in the transport of dangerous chemicals

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What to pay attention to in the transport of dangerous chemicals?

 Any item that is corrosive, natural, flammable, toxic, explosive and other in nature, which is easily caused by personal injury or death and property damage during the transport, handling and storage of property and requires special protection, is dangerous goods. Dangerous goods chemical reagents have special physical and chemical properties, such as improper protection in transport, it is easy to accident, and the consequences of accidents are more serious than general vehicle accidents. Therefore, in order to ensure safety, the following eight points should be noted in the transport of hazardous chemical reagents:

dangerous chemicals

1. Pay attention to the packaging of dangerous goods before shipment should be based on its nature, transport ation distance, road conditions along the way, such as the safe way to pack. Packaging must be strong, tight, in the packaging to do a clear, standardized, easy to identify the logo.

2. Pay attention to the loading and unloading site of roads, lights, signs, fire-fighting facilities, etc. must meet the conditions for safe loading and unloading. When loading and unloading dangerous goods, the car should be parked in the open air, the loading and unloading workers should pay attention to their own protection, wear ingress protective equipment. Strict lying in the operating procedures, light loading, light unloading, is strictly prohibited to fall, impact, roll over, pressure and inverted, afraid of wet goods to apply tarpaulin cover, goods must be stacked neatly, tied firmly. Dangerous goods of different nature can not be mixed with the car, such as detonators, explosives, etc. do not fit in the same car.

3. Note that the vehicle must be used to transport dangerous goods with suitable vehicles, explosives, first-class chemical reagentoxants, organic oxides may not be shipped with full-hanging car trains, three-wheeled motor vehicles, motorcycles, human tricycles and bicycles; Except for secondary fixed dangerous goods, other dangerous goods may not be shipped by dumped vehicle.

4. Pay attention to fire hazardous cargo transport fire, dangerous goods chemical reagents in loading and unloading should use non-sparking tools, the car is strictly prohibited smoking, vehicles should not be close to open fire, high temperature places and sun exposure place. Oil tankers carrying oil should be installed in the parking, loading and unloading of the ground line, driving, should make the ground line touch the ground, in order to prevent static electricity from fire.

5. Pay attention to driving vehicles carrying dangerous goods with chemical reagents, should be set up GB13392-92 "Road Transport Dangerous Goods Vehicle Signs" signs. Car operation must strictly abide by traffic, fire, public security and other regulations, should control the speed, maintain the distance from the vehicle in front of the car, in case of early deceleration, avoid emergency braking, strictly prohibit illegal overtaking, to ensure driving safety.





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