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Why do people put salt when cooking?

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Why do people put salt when cooking?

Chemistry has always been around us. Today we are talking about NaCl, the main component of salt, and ionic compounds. Pure sodium chloride crystals are colorless and transparent cubic crystals. Due to the presence of impurities, sodium chloride is generally a white cubic crystal or a fine crystal powder. The common salt is our salt.

Salt is indispensable in people's lives, both ancient and modern. No salt, even delicacies, will lose flavor.


But do humans eat salt just to make the food more fragrant and more delicious? Of course not. Each of us is inseparable from salt. It is not because it can make the food tasteful. The most important thing is that if people don’t eat salt for a long time, or if they eat too little salt, they may be sick. Symptoms such as vomiting, rapid heart rate, and weak pulse may even cause illness. Why is salt so important for humans, why do have to eat salt?

It is well known that water in the human body accounts for about 60%-70% of body weight, while about 8% of the water in the human body is distributed in blood vessels, which constitutes plasma in the blood; 25% of water is in the gap between tissues and cells. It constitutes tissue fluid; the remaining 67% is in the cells. These three parts are separated from each other by the wall of the tube and the cell membrane, but they circulate through each other, and the water will diffuse from one part to the other, and the direction of diffusion depends on the salt concentration.

It can be seen that salt is not only an important seasoning, but also an indispensable substance for maintaining normal human development. It regulates the balanced distribution of water in the human body, maintains the osmotic pressure inside and outside the cell, participates in the formation of gastric acid, and promotes the secretion of digestive juice. At the same time, it also ensures the pH necessary for pepsin action, maintains the balance of pH in the body and the normal circulation of body fluids.

If people do not eat salt or have too little salt, the harm is very serious. Because salt is mostly extracted from the sea, it is rich in many iodine. If you have less iodine, you will be prone to "big neck disease". In addition, if you do not eat salt for a long time, the human nervous system will also have problems. If there is a problem with the nervous system, many diseases will be induced. Because the nervous system to transmit information, the need to provide sodium salt ions. Moreover, salt can promote digestion of the stomach and participate in the formation of gastric acid. In addition, the salt is alkaline, so that the protease in the stomach can maintain neutrality during the action, not too high or too low.

So keep a certain amount of salt intake.





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