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Why potassium hydroxide cannot be stuffed with grinding glass

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Why potassium hydroxide cannot be stuffed with grinding glass?

In the chemical industry, there are many different products in the storage mode, because they have different characteristics, storage environment requirements are also different, so choose storage containers should be particularly careful. Potassium hydroxide is a strong alkaline chemical, its solution is generally filled with glass bottles, but the cork requirements can not be made of glass. So why can't it plug it with a grinding glass? The analysis is as follows.

hydroxide cannot be stuffed with grinding glass

Glass bottles are the same as the grinding glass plug components, KOH is strong alkali, glass components have SiO2, SiO2 and KOH reactions will produce K2SiO3. However, the response was slow. The inside of the glass bottle is very smooth, the reaction is very slow, basically will not react much, and the grinding bottle mouth due to rough, will make potassium hydroxide solution and glass contact area increased, so that the reaction speed up. After generating K2SiO3, the bottle will stick to the mouth and not open. So to replace the rubber plug, another: even the grinding port, the reaction is very slow, but also 1 or 2 months do not open will stick. But no one is all right old with potassium hydroxide solution, so the probability of sticking is still relatively large, so to replace the rubber plug.

These are the reasons why potassium hydroxide can not be used to grind glass plugs, and why its corkneeds need to be replaced with rubber, I hope you can understand, so that in the follow-up to choose the right cork for them. Strong alkali substances will not only store containers and corks such small details of the aspect sly, but also in many other aspects of attention, also need us to know more.





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