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Yonghua Chemical shares to carry out 2023 comprehensive emergency plan drill

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Yonghua Chemical shares to carry out 2023 comprehensive emergency plan drill

June this year is the 22nd national production safety month, in order to further improve the fire safety awareness of all staff, improve emergency response and self-rescue capabilities, around the theme of "everyone is safe, everyone will be emergency", the company organized a series of safety activities.

At noon on June 25, Yonghua Chemical Co., Ltd. convened an emergency team to conduct a desktop emergency drill in the conference room to further clarify the main responsibilities of each team and improve the emergency response capability. The whole exercise was well organized, smoothly connected, and strong in actual combat, which effectively improved our company's emergency handling ability and achieved the expected purpose.

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At noon on June 28, Yonghua Chemical convened all employees to carry out a comprehensive emergency plan drill to simulate the emergency treatment and emergency rescue of the fire accident caused by chemical leakage. The purpose of this exercise is to test the operability of the company's emergency plan, and to revise and improve the deficiencies found; Verify the applicability of Yonghua chemical emergency plan initiation, response and disposal of emergency teams of various departments, and on-site coordination and command.

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After the start-up instruction was issued, the departments immediately simulated the performance of their respective functions in accordance with the preset roles and planning processes. Through the actual combat exercise, the staff's safety awareness and emergency rescue processing ability were effectively improved, and the activity achieved the expected effect.






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