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Yonghua participated in chemical industry skills competition

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Yonghua participated in chemical industry skills competition

The summer is hot and the competition is even hotter.

Yonghua participated in The first chemical industry skill competitio in Changshu. Our 4 inspectors competed with 60 competitors from different companies. The Chemical Inspector Competition is divided into a preliminary round and a final round.

The preliminary round is a theoretical knowledge contest, and the top 30 are selected to enter the final round.

Theoretical knowledge competition

Round 1. Theory competition

The final round is actual operation competition. It mainly involves the use of experimental instruments, weighing measurement, titration experiments, etc.

checkingTitration experiment

1. Checking the glassware                                 2. Titration experiment

Weighing experiment

3. Weighing experiment

With the rich theoretical knowledge and practical operation ability, Xiuhua Sun and Jingna Qian both won the third prize.


Well done, our cute inspectors!





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