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Anti-viruas 75% Ethanol Disinfectant Instructions

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75% Ethanol  Disinfectant Instructions

Product Name: 75% Ethanol  Disinfectant

Cas Number:64-17-5


Molar Mass:46.07

EC Number:200-578-6

Composition and content: Colorless transparent liquid. This product is a disinfectant with ethanol as the main active ingredient. The effective content of ethanol is 75% ± 5%.

Microbicide category: It can kill intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic cocci, and candida albicans. It is suitable for disinfection of human hands and various skins and disinfection of general objects.

Application scope: Suitable for disinfection and disinfection on the surface of general objects in homes, schools, hotels, hospitals, offices, restaurants and other public places. Not suitable for disinfecting the surface of fat-soluble objects.

Directions for use:

1. For hygiene hand disinfection, spray the disinfectant solution on the hand or rub it on the hand 1-2 times for 1minute, for surgical hand disinfection, wipe twice for 3 minutes.

2. For skin disinfection, spray the disinfectant solution on the skin surface or rub it on the skin surface twice for 3 minutes.

3. For the surface of the object disinfection, spray the disinfectant solution on the surface of the object to keep it moist or wipe the surface of the object 2 times for 3 minutes.

4. For the thermometer disinfection, soak the thermometer completely in the disinfectant for 30 minutes.


1. This product is strictly forbidden to spray in the air;

2. This product is a topical disinfectant and should not be taken orally; keep it out of reach of children;

3. Operators who are allergic to ethanol avoid using it;

4. This product is flammable and volatile, cover tightly after use to prevent volatilization, and keep away from fire sources during storage and use;

5. Use in a well-ventilated place. Pay attention to personal protection and wear protective masks and gloves when using;

6. Store in a cool, dry, ventilated place and seal.

7. Don't invert during transportation, prevent pressure, collision, crush, sun, rain, and the vehicle should always be kept dry and clean.

Expiration date: 24 months.

Executive standard: Q / 320581 JYJ 087-2019

Manufacturer: Yonghua Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Phone: 0512-52549999

Postcode: 215500





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