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Chemicals are a double-edged sword -- good for life

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Chemicals are a double-edged sword -- good for life

Ethanol is a medium- effect disinfectant and is commonly used in hospitals

1. Sterilization principle

Alcohol-based disinfectants kill microorganisms by three actions:

(1) Destroy and denature the peptide strength of the protein; (2) Invade the bacterial cells, release the water film on the surface of the protein, inactivate it, causing disturbance of microbial metabolism.


2. Main advantages and disadvantages:


(1) with a medium effect, rapid effect of sterilization

(2) non-toxic, no stimulation, no corrosion of metal


(1) greatly influenced by organic matter

(2) volatile and unstable

(3) bactericidal effect: ethanol is a moderately effective disinfectant, which can kill bacterial propagator, tuberculosis bacillus and most fungi and viruses, but cannot kill bacterial bud, and cannot inactivate hepatitis b virus in a short time

3. Scope of application: apply to the disinfection of skin, environmental surface and medical instrument

4. Method of use:

Disinfection treatment: disinfection methods including soaking and wipe.

Soak: place the sterilized item in a container containing ethanol solution and cap. On bacteria breeding pollution disinfection of medical equipment and other goods, soaking with 70% ethanol solvent hid more than 10 minutes: for surgeons to wash their hands, with 75% ethanol solvent soak for 5 Minutes

Wipe: to disinfect the skin, wipe with 75% ethanol cotton ball


(1) it shall be stored in a covered container and replaced in time

(2) do not use for disinfection and sterilization of surgical instruments

(3) do not disinfect surfaces with alcohol solution

(4) do not bring too much water when soaking

(5) do not sterilize the surface contaminated by organic matter such as blood, pus and feces. Remove organic substances adhering to the surface of articles before disinfection





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