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The company holds the 2019 semi-annual work safety meeting

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The company holds the 2019 semi-annual work safety meeting

The Office of the State Council Committee was promulgated on May 8, 2019. It was notified by the implementation of the "Safe Production Month" and "Safe Production " activities in 2019 to determine safety production. The theme of 2019 was "Risk Prevention, Eliminate Hidden dangers, and Prevent Accidents,," One of these requirements is that enterprises carry out the popularization of safety production standards and knowledge and skill competitions, and the online supervision standard system, which enhances the familiarity of employees, masters skills, and safeguards rights and interests.

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On the morning of July 14, 2019, Yonghua Chemical Co., Ltd. 's 2019 semi-annual work safety meeting was held in the meeting room of xiangqiao village committee.

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First of all, logistics department and production department employees hold meetings to discuss the problems in production safety and point out the key points of safety work. And the main work in the second half of the year combined with safety standardization, implementation of risk management; Building layers of security responsibility; Conduct safety education and training; Conduct safety inspection on time and manage high-risk operations; Prevent the recurrence of historical events.

Finally general manager gu xuefeng summed up, put forward three requirements: one is to improve understanding, unified thinking. We will improve basic management, continue risk management and control, and identify hidden dangers. Second, implement responsibility and strengthen the system. Strengthen safety production management, refine safety production standards, do a good job of supervision and implementation. Third, we need to ensure production safety and establish a production safety system.





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